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Safety Training

New Laboratory Personnel Training

To determine the minimal training needed for anyone who will be actively doing benchwork in the laboratory, two documents are suggested.

Required lab/location-specific in-person training by the PI or a Designated Trainer

  • Site-Specific Safety Orientation & Training Checklist for New Laboratory Personnel – review with trainer and sign
  • Shriners Injury Illness and Prevention Plan – read and sign
  • Shriners Emergency Action and Evacuation Plan – read and sign
  • Lab Safety Plan (lab-specific and includes Biosafety, Chemical Hygiene, and Bloodborne Pathogens) – read and sign
  • SOP: Working Alone – read and sign
  • Any other laboratory SOPs specific to the position – read and sign

Required Online Training (see the Training Page for access information)

Optional Training (see the Training Page for access information)

The specific classes needed is dependent on the position and will be determined by the PI/Lab Manager. All training, whether in person or online, must be documented. Some examples of online classes are:

  • Animal Care and Use 101
  • Proper Handling of Materials at Biosafety Level 1
  • UC Davis Biosafety Level 2
  • UC Davis Bloodborne Pathogens  
  • Safe Use of Biological Safety Cabinets
  • Fume Hood Training
  • Hazardous Material Handling and Storage
  • Hazard Communication
  • Controlled Substances
  • Cryogen Safety
  • Laser Safety
  • Radiation Safety