Safety Training

Proper safety training is essential for all laboratory workers or people who routinely enter the laboratory.

Training can be in-person from designated laboratory trainers or the PI, or by taking classes. Some training classes are only available online through the UC Wide Learning Management System (LMS, using your UCD Kerberos login and password

If new personnel do not have a UCD Kerberos login/password (e.g. visiting faculty, concurrent students, volunteers, vendors, and other non-UC Davis affiliates), they must complete a Temporary Affiliate Form (TAF) to obtain a Login ID before they will be able to sign up for training. The TAF form must be initiated and approved by an affiliated UCD department. Visiting scholars or volunteers must obtain Temporary Affiliate Status prior to class enrollment. TAFs and non-paid students must contact Staff Development and Professional Services ( to enroll in classes in the LMS – i.e., any classes that direct you to:

Templates for some of the required lab-specific training documents can be found in the Training Section (Section 7) of the UCD SOM Safety website.

Training for: