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Spills or Incidents

Call 911


dial 55 from a Shriners phone

for any SERIOUS situation that threatens life, health, property, the environment, or any explosion or over pressurization of a vessel (no matter the vessel size)

Biological/Biohazardous Spill
Chemical Spill
Physical or Environmental Hazards
  • Slips, Trips, or Falls
  • Equipment or Machinery Hazard
  • Lifting Incident
  • Fire or Electrical Incidents
  • Repetitive Strain incident
  • Entanglement hazards
  • Fires
  • Getting caught between, struck by or against objects
  • Assess the situation. If possible, contain the hazard (e.g., turn off equipment, isolate the incident-causing object).
  • Notify the PI/Lab Manager and the Shriners Safety Officer (916-453-5044)
  • If necessary, call Shriners Engineering (dial 2070 on a Shriners phone) for assistance with mechanical or environmental issues.
  • Complete an incident report.